Thursday, September 10, 2009

.....but he is a nice guy........

this is a bit of a continuation of the "Galahad" story below. many people in this community are still friends with the man who starved Galahad nearly to death, and has let numerous dogs starve/freeze to death in his yard over the last few years. people know this goes on. they choose to "look the other way." i had tried to help by giving advice to this "man," it was not taken. i remained friends with him too, because "he was a nice guy" i would encourage him to take his dogs out for runs, would feed/water his dogs when they left on vacations, euthanized a dog he brought to us that was on it's last breath, always hoping my advice would make some sort of differance to his dogs. it was all falling on deaf ears. it was wasted breath on my part, wasted on someone who i think is just plain lazy. i am perplexed at people who have seen his dogs, walking skeletons, dehydrated, starving (in the winter, they usually look ok in the summer, but dogs can get by on very little food in the summer) and yet still remain friends with him. i understand they want to try to help him, i tried for many years, but they can see from their own experience, he does not take anyone's advice, not for very long anyways. i hope and pray that the fact that people know the story of Galahad now will embarrass him into actually doing something about his skinny dogs. i will leave you all with this question, a question that a great friend of mine brought have a friend. he is a nice guy. you go to bbq's at his place, go golfing with him on occasion. then you find out he has been molesting (or beating, or any number of wrong/immoral things) his kids. do you stay friends with him "because he is a nice guy?" only you can answer that question for yourself, i know what my answer is.

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  1. As values and character change and develop, or remain stagnant, we must assess the nature of our relationships, or else overlook the strength or lack thereof of our relationships. "How can 2 walk together unless they agree?" Amos 3:3