Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ummmm, OK......

male siamese cat (north pole)
Date: 2009-11-20, 11:51PM AKSTReply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]
He is less than 1 year old. He is very loving, gets along with our 3 kids and 7 dogs. He does not do well with caged birds. If aloud he will sleep on my feet at night. Has beautiful blue eyes. I would like for him to find a good home. Only asking the $80 fee for the neutering we spent. We planed on haveing him around for a long time but he killed my son's parakeet so I must find him a new home. Call 488-xxxx or email.

I am not really sure i even need to comment on this...........
you can see for yourself how absolutely ridiculous this is.
people all too often think that animals will not act like animals. then they "get rid of" them when they can not or will not either accept it, or prevent accidents from happening. if you are going to have the damn food chain living in your house, you need to be RESPONSIBLE, and keep the pretty little birdies out of reach of the predators. now not all cats will have a high prey drive, but most will, especially a young, energetic year old cat. my own cats kill voles (we do not have mice in ak, but a vole is very similar) that find their way in the house, but i have had rats in cages (snake food), and they pretty much left them alone. the cage was not easily accessible to the cats, and i shooed them away if they tried to peek. would i have gotten rid of my cats had they eaten one of the rats (2 of them were pet rats, not for food) NO WAY! they are cats, and i accept them as such. people just do not think things through. i really hope this nice cat finds a good home. i hope the child did not learn a poor behaviour.....
did these people not watch Looney Toons? Don't they remember sylvester always trying to eat tweety bird?

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  1. Wow... that is amazing! People don't THINK! It's like leaving the cookie jar in an easily accessible place on the counter, telling your kids to never open the cookie jar, and expecting them to ignore it... You know, some parents need to teach their kids about the Birds and the Bees, but I think we need to teach people about Cats and Dogs, too! Keep up the Good work, and a very nice, concise, to the point blog!