Monday, March 29, 2010

It has been 4 months

it has been four months since i posted anything here. it has been a long winter, i have been working two jobs, and still taking care of all the critters and even running the team some, though not enough to enter any races. there is much i want to post about, but time is hard to come by, spring is just around the corner, there are fences needing repair, gravel to be put down, and i still have to go to that pesky job of mine. i did come home late one night after work (just about a week ago) and one of my shetland ewes had given birth to a little black ram. he was all dry and nursing well when i got home and went out to feed. his name is "Lambchop" he is very cute, always doing something to make me say "awwww, that is the cutest thing ever" then he does something even cuter. i also have two goats due to kid any day, one is a Boer goat and one is a Toggenberg, and another that may be pregnant that a friend gave me a few months ago, she is a Lamancha/Toggengerg/Alpine. i am looking forward to making some cheese and i may even try making some goat's milk "beer"

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